Lessons for Europe from Britain’s Imperial Federation League?

Just over one hundred years ago, a relatively influential coalition emerged in the British Empire called the Imperial Federation League. Founded in London in 1884, the League soon established branches in Australia, Barbados, British Guiana, Canada and New Zealand. Recognising the bourgeoning power of the newly integrated Germany, Tsarist Russia, and the United States, many […]

A ‘fifth column’?

On Tuesday, a letter was published in The Times outlining my views on the need for deeper integration in the European Union in areas relating to foreign, security and defence policy. Criticising a previous leader in The Times, I argued that the debate in Britain on the proposed ‘Reform Treaty’ had become narrow-minded and insular, […]

New destroyers enhance European navies

In recent years, many European navies have undergone quiet but nonetheless impressive enhancements. A number of imposing new aircraft carriers, landing platforms, warships and submarines have been introduced, particularly in the Royal Navy, the French Marine Nationale, Italy’s Marina Militare, the Deutsche Marine, the Armada Española, and the Koninklijke Marine of the Netherlands. These vessels […]

Georgia: the next Yugoslavia?

A military conflict has broken out in the European Neighbourhood, just across the Black Sea, on the European Union’s eastern frontier. The French Presidency of the Council of the European Union has issued a statement expressing its ‘grave concern’ over the situation, calling on the ‘exercise of the utmost restraint’ and for all parties to […]

Georgia: Brussels on its mind

Guest article by Alexandros Petersen In an interview published 20th April, Simon Lunn, secretary-general of NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly said that Georgia’s membership in NATO is ‘a question of when rather than if.’ This prediction follows supportive statements from German foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, British prime minister, Tony Blair, French presidential candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, and NATO […]

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